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  Wastewater Treatment Plants BIOCLERE  
  Filter media HUFO  
  Air purification system BIOWENT  
  Micro-filtration Unit SCRUFILTER  
  The Roots blowers ROBUSCHI  
  Sludge dewatering equipment DRAIMAD  
  Belt filter press MONOBELT  
  Sludge thickener SCRUDRAIN  
  Polyelectrolyte preparation and dosing systems CMP CAP  



EKOFINN-POL specializes in production, installation and service of small BIOCLERE® waste water treatment plants and equipment for sludge thickening and dewatering: system DRAIMAD® - popular in Poland sackfilters, belt presses MONOBELT® and sludge thickeners SCRUDRAIN®.

We also offer new products for waste water treatment plants and industry - The BIOWENT® system designed by us for biological odour neutralization and Root's blowers made by Robuschi®, Parma.


  Wastewater Treatment Plants  
    Filter media HUFO   
  Air Purification System  
  Micro-filtration Unit  
  The Roots Blowers  
  Sludge Dewatering Equipment  
    CMP CAP  

Wastewater treatment plants BIOCLERE | Modern filter media for trickling filters HUFO | Air purification system BIOWENT | The roots blowers ROBUSCHI
Sludge dewatering equipment Draimad | Belt filter press Monobelt | Sludge thickener Scrudrain | Polyelectrolyte preparation and dosing systems CMP CAP |